Denis J. Underwood


Denis J. Underwood's stories have appeared in Bartleby Snopes, Identity Theory, Gravel Magazine, The Cabinet of Heed, The First Line, and elsewhere. His chapbook, Carolina, was published by Wind River Press. Grave Matters, a feature film he co-wrote and co-produced, has been in post-production a few years too many. The project was featured on the Sundance Channel's 24 Frames News.

Denis lives in Oak Park, Illinois. He is working on what he likes to believe is the final draft of his first novel.

The product of a father born in southeastern Ohio, and a mother hailing from French-Algeria, Denis grew up spending summers in the wilds of the Buckeye State and abroad. Some of his earliest memories are of candlelit dinners in France with aunts and uncles, all master storytellers, recounting family chronicles of North Africa.

Denis enjoys fly-fishing and experiencing the natural beauty of the places the sport takes him.


"The Man from Paris" The Cabinet of Heed (October 2018), flash fiction

"An Unwelcome Calm" Identity Theory (October 2013), fiction

"All Throughout the Storm" Bartleby Snopes (October 2013), fiction

"Fractured Memories of Hope" The First Line (Spring 2008), fiction

 Denis J. Underwood



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